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SandStory Skills Practitioner Training

What is SandStory Skills?

SandStory Skills® is a creative arts therapy using sand and symbols within the safe containment of the sand tray to help clients tell their 'story in the sand'.

Is SandStory Skills for you?

SandStory Skills is a specifically designed training for non-therapists who work with vulnerable children and young people and who care deeply for their emotional wellbeing and safety. Within the clearly defined remit of their support the focus is on the safety of themselves and those in their care through the use of soft skills with 'table top' and 'small world' play.

Learning will involve a mixture of presentation, experiential exercises, reflection and discussion.

When can I attend SandStory Skills Training?

I offer both face to face and online training. Please contact me to find out when the next course will be running.

How much does it cost?

£300 per person which includes registration as a certified SandStory Skills Practitioner.

Please contact me to book your place.

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