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Services for Adults

At Hands on Play Therapy we offer a range of therapies to support adults from 18-99!

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Eco Sensory Therapy 

EcoSensory Therapy is an integrative treatment approach to support both the physical and mental health of participants by using nature as a healing medium to regulate through the senses.

EcoSensory Therapy is an innovative and pioneering nature-based therapy. This holistic treatment approach uses the health benefits of nature to support the:






Physical, and  behavioural needs of participant(s).


It is an evidence-based model of practice developed by health professionals; Occupational Therapists, Chris West and Claire Pemrick and Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Matt Slavin.  The theory underpinning the EcoSensory Therapy Model has been developed from:






Attachment theory,


Forest therapy,


Sensory Integration, and


Sensory Attachment Intervention.


EcoSense sessions take place in the local natural environment. Research shows that nature based therapies support all ages, genders, and cultures. Evidence has shown positive benefits for a range of physical health needs (hypertension, diabetes, etc) and mental health needs (depression, anxiety, trauma etc) and developmental needs (ADHD, autism etc).

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Sand Story Therapy

​At its heart, SandStory Therapy® offers a container of support to the Therapist - in particular, their ability to remain grounded in their own presence and be fully present each moment to their client. This approach allows the Therapist to attune exquisitely to their client's needs and pace which  enables empowerment and growth for the client. 

SandStory Therapy® offers a gentle, safe and unique way of using sand and symbols in a contained tray to support a client's process ... so that they can 'tell their story in the sand'; whilst encouraging a respectful and sensitive dialogue between the unconscious and the conscious so that the wisdom from within is heard, seen and experienced. In turn, this is taken into daily life and natural, very organic shifts occur


Clay Field Therapy

The 'clay field' is a large, flat box filled with smooth clay. With closed eyes one makes contact with the material and allows the hands to find their way through touching, scratching, digging, kneading, patting, beating ... until shapes start to emerge. Scenes become created, destroyed, recreated ... telling one's story. At the end of a session, there will be no art object to take home, except an intense and transformative experience.


Sensory Fitness

Coming soon....

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