Hands On Play Therapy has developed a program of bespoke packages which includes manageable micro adventures designed to reduce anxiety, increase confidence and encourage positive lifestyle choices, a range of therapies and project-based learning. 

All our adventures are designed to include a physical activity that brings a change to mental health and emotional well-being. This may be due to the sensory input during the activity (similar to occupational therapy) or due to placing the young person in a less stressful environment away from the pressures of school and peers.

The young person, working with an experienced learning mentor or specialist teacher, can lower their anxiety by spending more time outdoors, increasing their exercise levels, developing positive relationships, and learning tools to improve self- regulation.

Adventures might include Kayaking, Long Boarding, Hiking, Balance Boarding, Bouldering, River Clean Up's, Musical Mentoring and many more.


Our Therapeutic Alternative Provision is run by our multidisciplinary team of Play Therapist's, Trauma Therapist's, Occupational Therapist's, Specialist Teacher's and Learning Mentor's. 

Please contact us for prices of our bespoke packages.

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