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I have worked in numerous schools and with families in Berkshire and Hampshire. This is what they had to say:

"Kelly worked with my four year old son for just over a year. He has additional needs and very low self-esteem. Kelly made him feel accepted and supported. She was able to build a therapeutic relationship which I have not seen him do with anyone other than myself. As a result he was able to start to communicate with other trusted adults. Kelly not only supported him, but her encouragement, support and strategies were invaluable to me at a time when I was feeling incredibly low and isolated. Kelly was able to share her knowledge and experience of additional needs with me and signposted me to further support for which I am very grateful. Everyone needs a Kelly!"

Parent, 2016

"I love coming to play therapy. I love having some time to do the things I need to do. It has helped me understand how my actions affect others. I didn't get it before, but I do now. Kelly has helped with that. Before coming to play therapy I used to be really angry. I would jump on the table or throw chairs if I didn't get my own way. I didn't know how to calm down. I don't do that anymore and now I know what to do when I start to feel angry. I'm not saying I'm perfect, no definitely not, but who is!? I'm much happier now and much calmer. I can concentrate on my school work and so don't get told off. I think I'm more helpful at home too. I like helping my mum with my baby brother. I think all children should be given the chance to have play therapy."

"I have worked with Kelly in two different schools, and found her to be passionate about the well-being of the pupils. Through Play Therapy she supported some of our most vulnerable pupils to open up which had a positive impact on their school and home life. Children who were often disengaged looked forward to their play therapy sessions.

Kelly worked closely with staff and parents to truly understand what everyone hoped to achieve through the sessions and reported back throughout the programme.

I would highly recommend Kelly as I know that she is dedicated to the children she works with; she builds excellent relationships with them, their families and school staff."


Assistant Head, Harman's Water Primary School, 2016
         Year six Pupil, 2016

"We have been delighted to have Kelly as part of the team at Beech Lodge. The children really enjoy going to her sessions and benefit in terms of confidence, self esteem and social skills. Through their work with Kelly they can be helped to explore areas of difficulty and challenge in a supported and positive way."

                             Head Teacher, Beech Lodge School,2017

"Since coming to Play Therapy with Kelly I have seen a dramatic improvement in my 5 year old daughter. She is much calmer, she doesn't throw things or smash objects anymore. She has completely stopped hitting, pinching and punching me. She is so much happier in her herself and bed times are no longer a struggle. She is more relaxed and a pleasure to be around and take out and about. Many, many thanks for all your help!"

                       Parent, 2018

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