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AutPlay Therapy was created by Dr. Robert Jason Grant and is a play therapy and behavioural therapy approach to working with children and parents affected by Autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. It combines the therapeutic powers of play therapy and relationship development approaches together in a collaborative model to assist children and adolescents in gaining needed skills and abilities.

AutPlay Therapy is an integrative family play therapy approach incorporating a parent training component which values parents as co-change agents and teaches parents how to implement structured play times and structured play therapy interventions at home. Parents learn the procedures and techniques and are shown how to implement interventions at home to increase skill and ability levels in their child. AutPlay Therapy involves both the child and the parent in the therapeutic process and uses a play therapy base that is not only a natural language of the child but enables the parent to be involved with their child in a way that teaches skills and increases abilities within a positive and connecting process.

AutPlay Therapy is an adaptable and compatible treatment approach for autism, dysregulation disorders, and other neurodevelopmental disorders. AutPlay Therapy can be implemented in conjunction with other treatments and often is a part of a collaborative approach to helping children and adolescents advance in skill development.

AutPlay Therapy has Shown Effective Treatment Outcomes for the Following Areas:

  1. Increasing Emotional Regulation Ability

  2. Improving Social Skills and Functioning

  3. Improving Relationship Development and Connection

  4. Reducing Anxiety Levels

  5. Improving Sensory Processing Challenges

  6. Increasing Concentration, Focus, and Attention

  7. Improving the Parent/Child Relationship

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