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My name is Linda Lovegrove and I have been teaching for 42 years. I was a classroom teacher for 7 years when I took a break to raise my children. After the birth of my second daughter, I returned to university to complete a course on teaching children with special needs. This was a passion of mine whilst working as a class teacher, possibly because I had a younger brother who had learning difficulties and in those days was labeled as ‘stupid’.

Once I had qualified as a special needs teacher, I spent a number of years in this role but returned to classroom teaching periodically so that I would not lose touch with mainstream education and the expectations of children in this setting.

I spent a number of years teaching in a large British International School in the Middle East where I was Head of Year One, moved on to head up the Special Educational Needs Department and then moved on to Deputy Principal responsible for Pastoral Care, SEN and EAL.

My SEN experience includes working with children with dyslexia, comprehension difficulties, speech and language difficulties, ADHD, ASD and Trauma. A lot of this work has been teaching children strategies on how to manage their emotions and self -regulate. I have also completed a certificate on ADHD with Kings College in London, a Post Grad certificate with Autism West Midlands and Worcester University and a Parenting After Trauma Course with Robyn Gobbel, (PCC Instructor, specializing in Complex Trauma and Attachment, with Interpersonal Neurobiology Programme).

Having had a brother with learning difficulties, and 2 grandchildren with ASD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Hypermobility Syndrome and ADHD, and another grandchild with trauma and attachment disorder and ADHD, I am passionate about supporting children and their families.

It has been very exciting to see how Hands On Play Therapy has grown and is reaching out successfully to a wide clientele with a variety of needs and I am very privileged to be part of this team.

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