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My name is Guy Higgins and I have worked in education for nearly 20 years delivering music workshops and mentoring children and young people within both mainstream and specialist settings. 

Over the years I noticed that many pupils weren't enjoying the school experience and so I began to develop bespoke interventions to support those pupils.

I joined Hands on Play Therapy to continue developing and implementing programmes that weren't confined to a school setting. I love being outside in nature, especially water based activities which keeps me sane in an increasingly stressful world!

I have also written and recorded an album designed to help children who have emotional and behavioural needs. It targets children who are struggling in certain areas of their lives such as anger management, poor self-esteem, family break up, dysfunctional families, OCD, anxiety disorders, ASD, and ADHD; offering support to both the children and their families. This may be in the form of 1:1 mentoring or as part of a small group.


Playing music relaxes people, creates belonging, promotes team work without being competitive, gives focus, encourages, produces determination, leads to a healthier lifestyle and helps academic subjects.

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